About Us

Who We Are

We are a fast-growing digital company in the niche of intent marketing. We thrive to create high-quality review sites that give consumers the necessary information about various services and products on the internet to help them to make well-informed choices.

This review site is designed to help singles to find the international dating site that suits their particular needs. We cannot and do not provide information about every dating site available. Nevertheless, our team has selected some of the most popular dating sites, and reviewed those thoroughly for you.

So, after reading our reviews, we believe, you can get a good feel for a particular site, its popularity, reputation, user base, user interface, sign-up procedure, available tools and features, pricing policy.

How We Make Money

We provide all our reviews for free, because we are paid by promoted brands that can be reviewed on our sites. We receive advertising compensation in various forms from companies that provide reviewed services and products when you click links on our sites to visit their sites, sign up there, or make a purchase there.

Such advertising compensation influences the location and order in which the products or services are presented on our site. At the same time, the advertising compensation is not the only factor that impacts the content, topics or posts on the site. Our ratings and scores, opinions and review findings are also based on our own analysis of various criteria that also include brand popularity, reputation, engagement, design, etc.

How We Make Reviews

The reviews and analysis published on our sites are our own and our reviewers follow our internal guidelines to ensure high-quality content, and accurate, helpful information. We require our reviewers to make their own independent and unbiased judgments. Our reviewers and editors are separated from our marketing team and prepare materials upon their personal opinion foremost.

Our reviewers spend some time using each reviewed site and write their review based on their personal experience. They give their feedback about such service`s features as interface and user friendliness, ease of joining, site functions, its pricing, support service, etc. Editorial teams periodically review and proofread all the content posted on our site.

We make our best efforts to publish content that is accurate, but there is always a chance that we may miss some details, or new information becomes available after our publication. If we discover new information we try to correct the published review as soon as possible. Promoted brands may also reach us and request actualize our content. In any case, our readers can contact us via email and express their feedback about our reviews and our content.

How We Define Our Scores & Rankings

Our Score for each reviewed dating site is the result of a collective assessment taking into consideration the factual information published on third-party analytical sites and review platforms, as well as opinion of our team - reviewers and designers about the look & feel of each reviewed site.

Our Score for each reviewed dating site is based on the reviewed site’s relative popularity, users’ engagement, reputation, and our personal look & feel of the dating site that gain after many hours of our research.

Popularity. Popularity is a complex but accurate metric in our methodology. We calculate it based on analytical data of unique users and users’ visits for each dating site. We get these numbers for our calculations from trusted analytical platforms such as SimilarWeb. Higher popularity score means larger user base and more visits for a particular dating site.

Engagement. Engagement tells us how actively users use a particular dating site - if they use it a lot, we can assume, they really like this site. It takes into account user visits frequency (how often users use a particular dating site), visit duration (how much time is spent for an average visit on a particular site), average amount of viewed pages per visit (how many site content is consumed by an average user during the visit) and bounce rate (how many users leave the site after viewing only one page). This info we get from an advanced third-party analytical platform Similar Web. Higher frequency, larger visit duration, more pages viewed, and lower bounce rate give us reasons to grant a higher engagement score.

Reputation. For our reputation score we take real users feedback about each reviewed site from independent customer reviews platforms such as Sitejabber and Trustpilot. This score shall help our readers to choose dating sites with better reputation. We understand that this approach is not absolutely accurate, because even on these sites scores can be manipulated, but there is a true voice of real users as well.

Look & Feel. The last, but not the list criteria. We define it by taking into account multiple opinions of our team members - including reviewers who spend hours using and analysing each reviewed site, and our UI/UX designers. They evaluate each site’s ease of use, site features and functionality, pricing, and design style in general.

Only when this holistic analysis is finished, we get the relevant overall ranking of reviewed dating sites and define our final scores. Eventually, the text reviews together with our scores give a broad picture and valuable info about each reviewed site for our readers.