What Percentage Of Marriages Come From Online Dating?


What’s the point of dating in the 21st century? In a world that seemingly offers every possible way to connect, find love, and maybe even define it – from apps to social media to online platforms – many have started to question if there is any practical point left in dating.

That’s because dating still powerfully serves only the same function it always has, based upon an essential human requirement for companionship connection and, in many instances, as a method to find a lifelong companion.

Today, we delve into the magical world of the modern purpose of dating and look at why today’s dating is ever so crucial in the digital age to find love and happiness.

Why Dating Is Important in Modern Relationships?

Dating in modern relationships has three primary purposes. The first one is exploration. Here, two people have an open mind to know more about one another and examine if any level of compatibility will set the foundation for them in the future.

The second among these 3 purposes of dating is intimacy building. Here, two individuals get to spend time together to create an emotional connection and trust for themselves. They can get to understand each other at a deeper level.

The third purpose of dating is the exploration of self. In dating, a person can find out the kind of person he is and know what kind of a partner they are looking for. Dating offers us the leverage of test-driving our potential dating partners.

What Is the Main Purpose of Dating?

What is the purpose of dating? As we progress along love’s highway, dating keeps rearing its head now and then.

But why? For most of us, feeling out other people, emotional coinage, and – to put a fine point on it – some introspection is the order of the day.

There may be other dating purposes behind a date, though:

The Human Need for Intimacy and Companionship

We are social beings and must fulfill this innate need for intimacy and company. Being in a long-term committed relationship fulfills this very primal human desire: having someone along with us during our life journey to help us in bad times or share our hopes and our daily lives.

The purpose of dating is to discover what one needs from such long-term relations by opening oneself to new possibilities. And it leads one towards that “special person” with whom they’ll be able to live out their days while sharing happiness in each other’s lives. So, what’s the aim of dating? To find companionship!


The purpose and significance of dating in the modern world are constantly changing, but it remains essential to understand why we engage in it. Dating is about exploring compatibility, developing emotional relationships, finding ourselves through others, and healthy boundaries. It’s about personal growth as much as having someone around you, getting intimate, or seeking a life partner. 

With technology enabling our connections with people through an ever-evolving social media platform – dating has become a contemporary phenomenon that allows us to stay involved with relationships. Hence, embracing different perspectives on why we date – whether for fun/recreation or towards committed longevity – empowers greatly to experience love deliberately by starting romantically fulfilling journeys.